This page lists all body parts, that can be evolved in E.V.O. Search for Eden, as well as their associated stats, species, price in E.V.O. points and additional effects or notes, if available.

Note, that all horns will break after being used thrice, with the only exception being the Swordfish Horn, the Dragon's Horn and the Elephant Tusks. The former is exclusive to fish, while the latter two, are exclusive to the dragon and elephant red crystal transformations.



Jaws / Head Biting Power Species Price Additional Effects / Notes
Original Jaws
EVO Fish Original Jaws 1 Fish 10 none
Kuraselache's Jaws
EVO Fish Kuraselache's Jaws 3 Fish 200 none
Zinichthy's Jaws
EVO Fish Zinichthy's Jaws 5 Fish 800 none
Swordfish Jaws
EVO Fish Swordfish Horn 3 Fish 700 You automatically get these when you buy the Swordfish Horn.



Horn(s) Power Species Price Additional Effects / Notes
None / Remove
0 All 100 none
Original Horn
EVO Fish Original Horn 5 Fish 200 none
Spiraled Horn
EVO Fish Spiraled Horn 10 Fish 300 none
Angler's Horn
EVO Fish Angler's Horn 0 Fish 500 Attracts various kinds of enemies and makes them docile.
Swordfish Horn
EVO Fish Swordfish Horn 3 Fish 700 Never breaks, but gives you the equally weak Swordfish Jaws.




Body Type Defense Power Species Price Additional Effects / Notes
Slick Body
EVO Protagonist sprite EVO Fish Slick Body Large 0 / 1 Fish 200 none
Scaly Body
EVO Fish Scaly Body Small EVO Fish Scaly Body Large 2 / 3 Fish 300 none
Shell Body
EVO Fish Shell Body Small EVO Fish Shell Body Large 4 / 5 Fish 600 none
Increase Body Size
- All 400 Increases Health by 10 and raises Strength and Defense by 1, but lowers Agility by 3.
Decrease Body Size
- All 200 Increases Agility by 3, but lowers Health by 10 and drops Strength and Defense by 1.

Hands and Feet

Dorsal Fin


Back of the Head

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