Bolbox' Lair is the eighteenth stage of the fifth world of E.V.O. Search for Eden and 64 Okunen Monogatari.

Bolbox' Lair is a boss arena and the prefinal stage of the chapter, that is visited by being short up by a jet of water at the end of stage 17, the Entrance to Eden.

The location is a strangely organic cave, that features a light purple coloration with scaly floor and wall tiles, which are covered in orange and green, veiny structures.

At first, the protagonist will start out at the very left of the stage, but as they move to the right, they will encounter 8 colored orbs featuring different patterns. These orbs will rotate in mid-air.

Once the protagonist moves close enough, the orbs will start talking to them. It turns out, that these orbs are a part of Bolbox, who fully materializes after the conversation.

The protagonist now has to fight Bolbox. (for more information see Bolbox' article)
Once Bolbox is defeated, Gaia will talk to the protagonist and the protagonist will be able to proceed to the right.

They will now end up in a small hallway of the Entrance of Eden, that previously wasn't accessible and will be able to advance to stage 19, Eden.

New enemies in this stage


Creatures sent out by Bolbox




While it's normally not possible to visit this stage from the world map, losing to Bolbox and being revived by Gaia will cause the protagonist to be sent back to the world map and make this stage accessible to be revisited at any time.

It is likely, that the developers made this choice so, that players, who couldn't understand how to beat Bolbox wouldn't have to redo the complete Entrance to Eden maze.


  • While Bolbox' Lair is referred as such by players, it has no official name ingame
    • This is notable when the protagonist enters the level as it lacks the usual level name header box
  • If this location had an official name, it would be called ボルボックスの隠れ家 (Borubokkusu no kakurega) in Japanese, which would translate as "Bolbox' Hideout"