The Cave of Origin is the seventh stage of the first world of E.V.O. Search for Eden and 64 Okunen Monogatari.

In 64 Okunen Monogatari, it is known as サンヨウチュウとオウムガイのどうくっ (Sanyouchuu to ōmugai no dōkutsu), which translates as the "Cave of Trilobites and Nautili".

The Cave of Origin is made of two sections. Its first section is a small entrance area populated by Jellyfish and Sea Urchins. If the player swims to the lower right area of this section, they will find a cave entrance.

Entering it will lead to the second section, which is the actual cave. Inside the Cave of Origin, the player will encounter Shellfish and Small Squids, the latter of whom are exclusive to this stage section.

Be careful, as the enemies encountered in the second section can easily get very dangerous even to a fully evolved fish. Especially the Shellfish cna quickly deplete the protagonist's hit points, if they are caught off guard.

To advance through the second section, the player has to swim to the right until the come to a dead end, then swim upwards until they com to another dead end. Now they will need to swim to the very right till a message box appears.

The message box will depict the following conversation:

The Seaweed whisper to one another.

Seaweed A:
"Friends, the Strolites are trying to create a new world using oxygen.
 They are having trouble because the Kuraselaches keep interfering with them."

While the Strolites mentioned by Seaweed A are never seen ingame, Seaweed A's whisper is a hint towards the player, that they need to defeat the leader of the Kuraselache in the next stage to move onwards ingame.

New enemies in this stage

Tips and Tricks

The best way to progress through this stage is to defeat all Jellyfish in the first section, then advance to the second section and swim through the it as swiftly as possible while trying your best to avoid the enemies.

Do not double tap the directional pad for the swift swim, though, but evolve the protagonist, so his Agility stat is as high as possible, instead. If you swift swim and crash into a wall, you are more likely to get attacked and hurt by multiple enemies.

So proceed steadily through the second second, but be careful.

Once you have advanced to Seaweed A's message and read it, proceed to the right to enter stage 8, the Domain of Kuraseleache.