Chapter 1: The World Before Land is the first world of E.V.O. Search for Eden and 64 Okunen Monogatari.

It has nine stages. Seven of them are directly accessable via the world map, while the remaining two are sub-areas of the Cave of Origin.

The World Before Land mainly consists of an ocean, but it also features four caves and many small volcanoes. The only non-submerged part of it is a small piece of land at the very top of its map, that isn't reached until the player reaches the final stage of this world.

This world is also notable for being the only world featuring a point of no return. Once the player passes the Domain of Cepalas, which is the sixth stage, they won't be able to return to it and the stages before it.

Defeating Kuraselache, King of the Sea in the Domain of Kuraseleache and leaving to his cave, the player will be allowed to go to the small piece of land, called the Coast of Pange and their fins will become feet.

If the player progresses to the Coast of Pange before beating this boss, they will evolve feet, but take damage until they die from suffocation, as there is no air before the Strolites are able to leave the sea.

Progressing to the very right of the Coast of Pange after beating the boss will cause Gaia to appear and tell the protagonist about the fish age ending after about 2 billion years.

Shortly afterwards, the protagonist will evolve from a fish into an amphibian and progress to the second world, Chapter 2: Early Creatures of Land.