The PC-9801 is a personal computer released by NEC in 1982. It is a computer exclusive to Japan, but recently some of its games have also been fan translated into English. In total, there are two E.V.O. series games on the console.


The PC-9801 was created by NEC in Japan. The computer supports floppy disks of the types 0 and 1 (also referred to as "A and B"). It mainly runs command-line and 16-bit based operating systems like CP/M-86, MS-DOS, OS/2 and any Windows versions prior to Windows 95.

The PC-9801 runs at a clock speed of 5 MHz and supports two display controllers (one for text, the other for video graphics). It comes with 128 KB of RAM, expandable to 640 KB. Its 8-color display has a maximum resolution of 640×400 pixels.

The PC-9801 allows for almost SNES-like graphics and its audio output is slightly superior to that of a Gameboy, allowing it to run quite decent quality programs and games compared to other machines from its era.


Being produced from 1982 until it was discontinued in 2003, the PC-9801 dominated the Japan domestic PC market with more than 60% of the personal computers being PC-9801 or older revisions of its hardware.

As such, the PC-9801 established NEC's dominance in the Japanese personal computer market, and by 1999, more than 18 million PC-9801 computers had been sold.

Unfortunately, Windows 95's arrival was the first step towards the PC-9801's downfall, as consumers were no longer required to have an NEC-built system to run software designed for Windows and as the non-Japanese markets had already been taken by its competitors, which could use off-the-shelf technology to build cheaper IBM personal computers, the PC-9801 never made it out of Japan.

E.V.O. series games

Up to this day, the following E.V.O. games were released on the PC-9801:

Note, that both of these are basically the same game with some minor changes. 46 Okunen Monogatari ~The Shinka Ron~ is the original, Japanese version of the game, while E.V.O. - The Theory of Evolution is the English version of it.

To gamers, the series is mostly known by the series' SNES game and only a few know about it's predecessor or the PC-9801. It wasn't until 2017, that an English fantranslation of 46 Okunen Monogatari ~The Shinka Ron~ was released.